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Microsoft 365 Backup and Recovery

Microsoft 365 is a cost-effective cloud-first collaboration solution, comprising of tools and services that enable organizations to operate better and more smartly with ease and from anywhere in a secure, integrated setting while leveraging data and artificial intelligence (AI). Microsoft 365 offers end users a myriad of collaboration and communication features that enable smooth business operations while guaranteeing an organization’s expansion and returns.

The universal acceptance of Microsoft 365 has had the number of its paid subscribers increase to a staggering 345 million with over 958,333 daily active users and about USD 63.36 billion generated in revenue in 2022 (SignHouse, 2023). One can only imagine the size of data shared and accumulated given these figures. However, this growth has been threatened by equally increasing ransomware attacks with paid ransoms expected to hit an astonishing $1.75 trillion by 2025. Ransomware does not only encrypt files it also steals sensitive and confidential information with the threat to leak or sell the information and the intent to wrest a ransom payment from victims. Also known as Ransomware Double Extortion, it is unarguably the biggest threat to your M365 data (Cohesity, 2024). Ergo, an efficient data protection and restoration strategy becomes any business’ major priority.

Microsoft 365 Data Backup

Microsoft 365 backup solution entails the process of reinforcing protection for the data stored in the suite of Microsoft 365 tools and services such as OneDrive, Exchange Online, Teams and SharePoint Online. A familiar feature with Microsoft 365 as it is with other Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products is the shared responsibility model. An implication that while Microsoft assumes the responsibility for the security of Microsoft 365’s infrastructure and accessibility, it abdicates the responsibility of data classification and accountability to its customers. Customers must ensure that they have a reliable and secure means of backing up and recovering data in the event of any threat or loss.

Despite accessibility to the different tools and services provided by Microsoft 365, its data backup and recovery capabilities are unreliable and infinitesimal. What it however does is that it provides policy-based retention solution for data protection. This solution is however far from being a backup solution and it is limiting because, if for instance a retention policy is applied to your SharePoint Online, OneDrive or Teams data, you are unable to recover deleted items from the sites after 93 days based on the policy. The only exception is OneDrive which provides a recovery plan available for just 30 days. You’ll agree that this is not reliable, it then becomes expedient that you consider a secure third-party backup solution.  Without it, sensitive Microsoft 365 data such as emails or shared files become susceptible to threats. M365 data backup secures your business from downtime and losses caused by cyberattacks; preventing a possible loss of between $137–$427 per minute of downtime (Acronis, 2024).

Understand that backing up and recovering your personal M365 data is your responsibility. However, you do not have to fret about achieving this, Telliswall Inc. is a reliable third-party service provider offering robust and secure backup and recovery services with features ranging from automated backups and item-level recovery to long-term retention, granular search and recovery, and extra security and compliance measures.

Why is Microsoft 365 Data Backup and Recovery Important?

Convincingly, in Section 6b of the Microsoft Services Agreement, Microsoft recommends that your data be regularly backed up through third-party apps and services as it is not liable for irretrievable content or data loss (Microsoft, 2023). Microsoft 365 data backup and recovery becomes a necessity in business setup given that more than 85% of organizations using Microsoft 365 have suffered losses arising from email data breaches (Cohesity; 2024).

Here are more reasons you should also backup your Microsoft 365 data for efficient recovery:

  1. Data can be lost or access to data denied on account of a Microsoft service outage, an erroneous deletion, or a ransomware attack. Hence, the need to protect all essential data within your Microsoft 365 tenant. This includes Exchange Online (mail, calendar, and contacts), SharePoint Online, OneDrive for Business, and Microsoft Teams data. Instant recovery of lost contents from business sites to the point of data loss incidence is enabled by a Microsoft 365 data backup and recovery.
  2. What wouldn’t you give for a time-saving solution! With Microsoft 365 backup solution you do not just get to access and recover lost data, you get this done faster, without stress and in no time!
  3. Prevent business downtime and poor returns with an outsourced Microsoft 365 data backup and recovery solution that keeps your business running.
  4. Meet regulatory standards with your M365 data retention policies configured to serve for as long as is expected. Regulations such as the Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) require that all company data are unified and backed up for accessibility at any time (Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 2024). Adherence to these regulations spares you unnecessary fines and legal disputes.
  5. Minimize the risk of irrecoverably data loss. With your M365 data backed up by a trusted third-party service provider, there is a reduced risk of irrecoverable data loss. This is a big deal when you realize that over 86% of ransomware operators do not restore data despite receiving ransoms (Keep it, 2024). Hence, the storage of an inalterable copy of your Microsoft 365 data by Telliswall Inc. guarantees long-term retention of your data and a reduced risk.

Backup and Recover your Microsoft 365 Data with Telliswall Inc.

TellisWall Inc. offers a solution that integrates easily with your Microsoft Tenant to ensure your Exchange, Sharepoint and Teams are backed up multiple times daily and can be recovered to any point needed. Our backup services are immutable, meaning that files cannot be changed even in the event of an attack, providing an extra layer of security. Our robust data security solution affords you reliable Microsoft 365 data management, protection and recovery.

With TellisWall’s Microsoft 365 backup and recovery solution, you can bypass the limited default data retention duration in the Microsoft 365 setting and have your data retained for as long as you desire. What’s more, we meticulously ensure that your organization complies with stringent security standards and maintain vigilant surveillance over platform configurations, offering you peace of mind in today’s evolving digital landscape. We understand that your Microsoft 365 data is of great worth, and our commitment to safeguarding your data goes beyond mere promises, so, you can count on us!


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